How Does Razor Wire Tape Make Chain-Mesh Fencing More Secure?

If you install the right kind of chain mesh in the right configuration, then you get a secure fence. Chain mesh is strong, stable and hard to breach. You can also see through the mesh. This extra visibility adds to your security; people will think twice about trying to get over the fence or come through it if they can be seen. However, if you really want chain-mesh fencing to create an effective barrier, say if you're putting it around a commercial or industrial site that is attractive to thieves, then you should probably add extra security features. [Read More]

5 Reasons Why Chain Link Fencing Is Ideal For Protecting Your Pre-School Playground

Nobody ever said running a pre-school or kindergarten was an easy job, and providing an outdoor space for the children under your charge to play in will do a lot to help them blow off steam and make your job easier. Unfortunately, the children under your care need even more protection outdoors than indoors, and any pre-school playground should be properly fenced off to prevent your kids getting out or worse, potential abductors getting in. [Read More]

Benefits Of Aluminium Fences

Your home's fencing is key to its security and privacy and also to how the overall landscape looks and feels. Several different kinds of materials go into fence construction; aluminium is one popular choice with several benefits. Resists Rusting One key advantage of aluminium fences is that they naturally resist rust due to the inner makeup of the metal itself. When a piece of aluminium encounters oxygen, a layer of oxide automatically develops on its surface, which repels rust. [Read More]

Three Different Materials For Your Custom Gates

Custom gates present a beautiful entryway to a home, providing the opportunity to create something that blends with a particular landscape. They are constructed from a variety of materials; common options include iron, aluminium and timber. Iron One possible material for gates is cast or wrought iron. These two metals are alloys composed of a mixture of iron, carbon and other substances. The amount of carbon and additional elements vary slightly between the two. [Read More]