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Why Opt for Steel Fabricated Fences?

When it comes to fence construction, steel fabrication is a favoured method that is used by contractors all over Australia. Of course, it is possible to buy standard fencing panels that are manufactured rather than fabricated to order, but these are never as good. Why is steel fabrication such a good option when it comes to supplying and installing a new fence? Read on to find out.

Meet Height Requirements

Not all standard fence panels are the right height for the job they need to do. Even if you opt for a two-metre high fence panel, it may not be enough if it is installed on uneven ground, which means that it might be possible to leap over from higher ground on one side. Fabricated fences can be adapted to meet these changing local conditions and even to connect to pre-existing sections of fencing of differing heights such that they don't look out of kilter with one another. Bear in mind that many pool fences need to meet specific height requirements which might alter depending on the proximity of a set of steps or even a climbable tree. If so, then steel fabrication will provide all of the answers you need.

Great Longevity

Unlike things like wooden fence panels, steel fabrication is a construction method that is built to last. Stainless steels require no maintenance whatsoever when they are made into fence poles. Even standard steel can easily be treated to provide a long-life outer coating that will protect the fence from oxidisation and abuse. Typically, tubular steel fences are galvanised, which means they gain a mottled appearance from zinc oxide. If you don't like the idea of that but still want a durable outer coating, then powder coating your fabricated steel fence is another good way of preserving it.

No Easy Ways Past

Some fences are there to provide a marker of a boundary, but others are designed to prevent unwarranted access. Take a typical chain-link fence, for example. These are quick to install, but they can be cut through by anyone determined to gain access. On the other hand, fence panels that have been fabricated from welded steel sections are almost impenetrable. So long as the fence panels and their corresponding posts consist of vertically arranged sections of steel, then no one will be able to climb up and over them. In short, steel fabrication is the fencing material of choice for all serious contractors who want to fit very secure and adaptable fences every time.