Home Security Fencing Tips

Benefits Of Aluminium Fences

Your home's fencing is key to its security and privacy and also to how the overall landscape looks and feels. Several different kinds of materials go into fence construction; aluminium is one popular choice with several benefits.

Resists Rusting

One key advantage of aluminium fences is that they naturally resist rust due to the inner makeup of the metal itself. When a piece of aluminium encounters oxygen, a layer of oxide automatically develops on its surface, which repels rust. This is an ideal quality for a fence that is outdoors in all types of weather. You won't have to worry, as you might with iron for example, that if the surface scratches, a process of rusting will begin. 

Very Durable

Aluminium fences typically undergo a treatment such as powder coating. During this process, special guns spray a dry mixture of coloured pigments and resins over the metal object. A furnace then bakes this coating on, so it melts and covers the item with a hard decorative finish, which further protects it. So, aluminium fences ultimately have this double layer of protection that renders them very durable.

Many Decorative Options

The pigments within this powder coating mix can be a range of different colours, which allow you to match the fencing to the shades of your home and garden. As well, aluminium fences come in many different styles and designs. Slat fences vary in slat width and distance between them, so you can choose precisely how private you want your home to be and also how visible it is from the street. Some visibility can add to security as a would-be burglar does not have complete seclusion when breaking in.

Aluminium tubular fences are also typically available in a wide range of styles. Simple models include flat-top structures, with two horizontal railings. Loop-top designs feature a repeating arch along the fence top. More embellished and ornate spearhead models that mimic ironwork are another possibility. These vast options provide you with design freedom; you are generally not limited to one or two colours and designs.

Lightweight For Easy Installation

A final benefit of aluminium is its lightweight nature—it is much lighter than steel, which makes installation easier for a fencing contractor. But despite its lightness, aluminium is also strong; it consists of an alloy mixture that contains alumina and other specific ingredients to provide strength. Aeroplanes and spaceships even use some forms of aluminium within their structures.

Reach out to a fencing contractor to learn more about aluminium fencing.