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How Does Razor Wire Tape Make Chain-Mesh Fencing More Secure?

If you install the right kind of chain mesh in the right configuration, then you get a secure fence. Chain mesh is strong, stable and hard to breach.

You can also see through the mesh. This extra visibility adds to your security; people will think twice about trying to get over the fence or come through it if they can be seen.

However, if you really want chain-mesh fencing to create an effective barrier, say if you're putting it around a commercial or industrial site that is attractive to thieves, then you should probably add extra security features.

For example, if you're worried that someone could scale the fence and use the bar at the top as a hand-hold, then you can add security wires to the top of the fencing. While some sites use barbed wire here, it's also worth looking at razor wire tape. Why?

Get Extra Strength

Standard barbed wire is a deterrent. It will hurt anyone who tries to climb over it. However, it doesn't always provide an effective barrier on chain mesh fencing.

If someone can clamber up the fence and has basic cutting tools, then they can cut the wire between the barbs and create a gap they can climb through. Razor wire tape is much stronger and harder to cut.

Get Wire That Does More Damage

The barbs on barbed wire will pierce skin and clothing. If someone tries to hold the wire, they will get injured or stuck on the barbs. However, if the person is wearing thick gloves, they may be able to pull the wire down and get over it before it does any significant damage.

Razor wire contains small pieces of razor-sharp blades rather than barbs. These blades can slice through even thick gloves or clothing. If the razors are set close enough together, there isn't space to grab the wire between them. The extra wire strength makes it harder to cut the wire without coming into contact with the blades.

Get Wire in More Places

There may be spots around your fencing that are unsuitable for barbed wire coils. For example, if you put in a mesh gate that opens up on to a wall, then the coils may prevent the gate from fully opening. Your neighbours may not want coils sticking out on their side of a boundary fence.

If you use razor wire tape, then you don't have to leave these areas unprotected. You can buy tapes that have a flat rather than coiled profile. So, you could still open that gate or protect a boundary fence without encroaching on your neighbour's space.

For more information on this and other security features you can add to chain-mesh fencing, talk to your fencing contractor.