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5 Reasons Why Chain Link Fencing Is Ideal For Protecting Your Pre-School Playground

Nobody ever said running a pre-school or kindergarten was an easy job, and providing an outdoor space for the children under your charge to play in will do a lot to help them blow off steam and make your job easier. Unfortunately, the children under your care need even more protection outdoors than indoors, and any pre-school playground should be properly fenced off to prevent your kids getting out or worse, potential abductors getting in.

Chain link fencing is therefore a common sight at pre-schools, nurseries and kindergartens, and for good reason. This simplistic but highly effective type of fencing has a number of advantages over wooden panel fences and other commonly used fencing types.

What are the advantages of installing chain link fencing around my pre-school playground?

Highly secure

Your first priority when choosing fencing for a pre-school playground is making sure the fence can't be climbed over or cut through easily. Steel or aluminium chain link fencing more than meets these requirements.

The unique diamond weave of chain link fencing makes it difficult and not a little painful to climb, and spending a bit extra on a tightly-woven fence with smaller gaps will prevent even the smallest hands and feet from finding purchase. The tough metal bands used to create it are also highly resistant to cutting, and it will take a considerable time to cut a decent-sized hole in a chain link fence, even with specialised cutting equipment.

Cost effective

Your second priority should be that the fencing you choose is relatively inexpensive -- unless you're looking after the children of billionaires, you'll probably be running your pre-school on a fairly tight budget. Chain link fencing is very cost effective, and is usually cheaper than timber panel fences or metal rail fences. 

Safe for children

You should also make sure that the fencing you choose cannot harm the children under your care, especially very young children who didn't learn to walk all that long ago. A properly installed chain link fence has no jutting edges or sharp points that can injure a child, and if a child falls into a fence, the chain links will bow under their weight and help to break their fall.


Both steel and aluminium chain link fences are extremely durable, and you can expect a well-made fence to last well over a decade with very little maintenance before repairs or replacements are necessary. If you're willing to spend a little extra, chain link fences with galvanised or vinyl protective coatings are even more durable, and (if you choose a steel fence) much less vulnerable to rust. Vinyl coatings are also available in a variety of colours, which can help make your playground more inviting. 

Quick installation

If you have an existing fence that is becoming too badly damaged to function effectively, you'll need your new fence to be installed as soon as possible. Chain link fence panels and posts can be installed in a matter of hours by fence installation services, getting your playground up and running again as quickly as possible. 

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