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Glass Versus Mesh for Pool Fencing

Installing a pool fence is one of the best things you can do to make your pool area safer for you and your family. The fence stops children and pets from running over to the pool and falling in, and they can also stop things like toys that have rolled away from your kids from rolling right into the water. Pool fencing comes in a number of materials, but two of the most common are glass and mesh. These are appropriate for different situations and needs.

You Get a Full View With Glass

With glass pool fencing, you get a full view of the pool, especially if the glass is frameless. Nothing is obscured by mesh or bars, and you can see if anyone has snuck in through the gate. If your family is swimming and you're by the house, you can still see everything they do. With mesh, you can still see through the fence, but you'll have to look around frames and possibly shift your location. Plus, if the mesh is fairly dark, then it can obscure more of your view of areas of the pool that are in the shade.

Glass Is Permanent, but Mesh Can Be Removed

Glass fences are permanent; they're bolted to concrete and can't be moved. Mesh fences can be permanent but are more likely to be removable. Removable fences are nice because you can put them up and take them down as you see fit; for example, if you live by yourself and rarely have people over, you might not need the fence, but if you have a party, then you can put up the fence to keep kids away. But permanent fencing is very strong, and since the glass is totally clear, you're not really blocking views around the pool.

Cleaning Glass vs. Repairing Mesh

Maintenance may be one way to decide what type of pool fence you want. With a glass fence, you'll have to clean the glass to remove dirt, fingerprints, and so on. If you don't clean the glass, it can start to look pretty bad after a while. With mesh, there's not only an issue with dirt getting stuck on the mesh, but that mesh can also rip. These fences are still strong, but you can damage the mesh more easily than you can damage the glass. If you're worried about maintenance, the glass may be easier to care for, even if you have to clean it frequently.