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Decisions to Make When Installing an Aluminium Front Fence

If you're installing a new front fence, one of the most important decisions is what material to opt for. An excellent choice is aluminium, as this metal holds off rust. So you'll never have to worry about the fence showing ugly brown stains. Plus, aluminium doesn't appeal to termites like timber does, and it's usually more enduring in the elements than vinyl, which can crack at times. Thus, there are plenty of good reasons to opt for this material. Once you've settled on an aluminium barrier, you'll need to make various other decisions as outlined below.

Fence Style

You'll need to consider the fence's style, which should marry well with the landscape and your house. Aluminium options can create traditional and modern looks. You could install a contemporary slat style fence in classic dark grey, beige or a spectrum of other colours. These barriers give you the freedom to decide the amount of privacy you want. The slatted design lets the breeze flow while offering some shade. For a traditional aesthetic, you could opt for a tubular railing design, which can be grand and fancy or straightforward. Even picket fences are made from aluminium, giving a property a touch of rustic charm. The barrier, though, won't suffer from the woes of a timber structure.

Sloping Ground

If your front yard is on a hill, you'll need to decide whether you want the top of the fence to be staggered or to run in a smooth, unbroken line. Aluminium fencing is flexible as it can be installed either way. Each section of slat or tubular fencing can trace the slope of the terrain. Alternatively, they can be fixed perfectly horizontally and stair-stepped to accommodate the gradient. If you stagger the fence, the gap between the barrier and the ground will differ at the end of each fence section. On the other hand, if you set the barrier to follow the land contour, the space underneath the fence will be uniform.

You may prefer this uniform approach if you have a pet dog that you don't want to burrow or squeeze underneath. Ask your contractor how closely to set the fence to the ground during your aluminium fence installation. If the wall is directly alongside a lawn, your contractor may recommend that the gap underneath not be too narrow. That way, the lawnmower will reach the lawn edge more easily without being blocked by the fencing.

Contact an aluminium fence installation company for more information.