Home Security Fencing Tips

Versatile Ways to Use a Chain-link Fence on Private and Commercial Properties

While chain link fences often define the perimeter of business premises, they can perform many other versatile roles, both residential and commercial. Consider the following uses of chain link fencing.

Define a Front Yard

Chain link fences create great boundaries around the front yard of a home. You can cover the webbing in black, green, or brown PVC, which forms a rust-shield and smartens your garden at the same time. You can powder coat the posts and rails in a matching colour. These fences safely contain children and pets on the property. The see-through webbing protects your home, as intruders can't hide behind a privacy fence. 

Contain Animals

Chain link fencing can also contain animals within your property. For instance, you could section part of the backyard for a dog run. Then, you'll only have to clean up after him or her within that area, while providing a space for exercise and play. You could also fence off a chicken coop. Wire mesh works well for small areas because of its light structure. Your yard still feels like one big area without opaque fences that break it up. 

Seal off Air Conditioning Units

If you have an outdoor air conditioning unit, a wire mesh fence can seal it off and keep children and pets safely off-limits. The webbing also blocks wild rodents and hinders them from gnawing the cables. You can bury the meshing within the ground to stop them burrowing underneath.

Protect Vegetable Gardens

A backyard vegetable garden forms another region that you'll want to protect from pets and wild animals. Otherwise, dogs, cats, and wildlife can dig up the soil and ruin your plants.

Delineate Employee Carparks

While chain link fences can delineate the boundary of business premises, they can also protect selected spaces. For example, you could separate a company car park area, reserving it for employees. You might have other parts of the premises you want to protect for safety reasons such as a construction site for new paving or buildings. 

Surround Playgrounds and Tennis Courts

Other handy commercial uses of chain link relate to sports and activity. Often the playground area of a park contains this meshing to stop children wandering away. Parents and guardians can keep a watch out, however, through the mesh. 

Chain wire around tennis courts keeps the balls within the play area. The mesh protects spectators from airborne balls while allowing them to watch the game.