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Why Your Balustrades Should Be Made from Tempered Glass

Balustrades are a mainstay in any style of home. Whether you have a stairway, a balcony or even a deck, you need to install balustrades for security reasons. Nevertheless, this does not imply that your balustrades should be purely functional. The right choice of materials will ensure that these structures are decorative too, which bolsters the visual appeal of your interiors or exteriors.

While timber is the conventional material, glass is steadily becoming a top choice for contemporary homeowners. And unlike annealed glass, tempered glass is both robust and attractive. If you are sceptical about how this material will be beneficial to you, here are three reasons why your balustrades should be made from tempered glass. 


Steel is also a favourite option for homeowners looking to install balustrades. But irrespective of where you install your balustrades, they are bound to come into contact with moisture through either cleaning or precipitation. With time, the steel will become affected by corrosion, which can compromise the stability of your balustrades. Tempered glass is never at risk of this degradation because the hardware utilised to fasten them is made from aluminium, so you do not have to be anxious about premature repairs.

Effortless maintenance

If you hate chores and try to put them off until the absolute last minute, then glass balustrades could be good for you. A majority of balustrade materials require meticulous maintenance if they are to remain pristine. Timber will need regular sanding and varnishing for it to stay free of water damage. Steel balustrades need consistent oiling if they are to be protected from rust. Tempered glass is superior to these alternative options because it only needs to be wiped on occasion. As a pro tip, you could elect to splurge and get the self-cleaning variety, which helps keep smudges at bay.

High security

Glass as a structural material tends to get a bad rap since people automatically assume it will not be strong enough to bear any weight. But what these individuals are not considering are the treatments that the glass is put through to be function in structural applications. Tempered glass is reinforced by putting the material through high heat. Thus, it is capable of preventing adults, pets and even children from falling over, even when you push against it. Therefore, if you are searching for an exceptionally strong material that will secure your elevated spaces, tempered glass balustrades are an ideal choice.