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Answers to Your Questions About Packed Brush Fencing

If you want a fence that has a natural and even rustic look to it, and that offers maximum privacy and sound insulation, you might consider a packed brush fence. This type of fencing offers a natural look and is quite solid, so it easily blocks the view of neighbouring properties. If you're thinking about a brush fence for your yard, note a few questions you might have about this type of material, and this can help you to determine if it's the right choice for you.

Will it attract wildlife?

You may assume that deer and other wildlife will be attracted to a brush fence and will start to nibble on the ends of the brush, causing damage. However, brush fencing is packed so tightly that it's difficult, if not impossible, for deer to nibble on the ends. Those ends are also trimmed down neatly so that they stay very compacted, with none of the stalks sticking out to provide easy access for deer. Because of how well this fence is compacted, deer may actually find it painful to rub their noses up against it, and they may avoid it altogether.

What is the difference between hand-packed fencing and fence panels?

A truly hand-packed brush fence is one that is literally packed onto your property by hand. The brush is stacked and then tamped down, tied where needed, and cut and trimmed along the sides. Packed brush fence panels are premade and come in sections, just like wood or vinyl fence panels.

Both of these choices have their advantages; a hand-packed fence can be easily worked around obstacles on the property, or stacked as tall as needed for your property. Fence panels are easier for a homeowner to install on their own, and the panels may have metal framing that makes them a bit less rustic.

How much maintenance do they need?

The maintenance needed for a brush fence often depends on how you care for it; as an example, if you have active dogs, any fence you choose will often need repairs from damage caused by them scratching and digging around the fence. You can run some chicken wire along the bottom of the fence, or use pinecones as mulch in front of the fence, to keep the dogs away. Vehicle damage and damage from mower blades may also result in needed maintenance, so if you're careful about your mower or lawn tractor, your fence should last for many years before it ever needs repairs or any type of maintenance.