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Guide for Homeowners Interested in Installing Wood Fencing

A fence is often installed primarily for security reasons, but it also has a significant impact on the appearance of the exterior environment. If you are interested in putting up a fence around your residential property, you should be aware of the various materials available for your fencing. The list of fencing materials sold out there is long, and it may be impractical to decipher all of them in a short time. Generally speaking, some materials tend to be more commonly used than others. Wood is one of the most widely used construction materials for residential fencing in Australia.

Advantages of Wood Fencing

Wood is one of the most popular fencing materials used today, and this is for good reason. To begin with, wood is a natural material whose supply is largely controllable and can be replenished by growing more trees. The wood used to make today's fencing is sourced from managed forest plantations, assuaging fears that continued harvesting of trees may eventually wipe out available tree resources. Second, as wood is a natural material, wood fencing blends well with the exteriors, especially in residential properties with gardens and lawns. The wood provides rustic appeal, something that homeowners who appreciate simplicity or minimalism will appreciate. Third, wood comes in a range of different designs, both standard and custom, so that homeowners can find something befitting for their homes. Last but not least, wood fencing works best for homeowners that value privacy. This is because they can be erected to reach any height desired, and without any openings in-between the fencing panels.

Disadvantages of Wood Fencing

A major drawback of wood fences is that they are vulnerable to moisture or water damage as well as attacks by wood-loving insects such as termites. Because of this, they may not be ideal for use in homes located in areas that experience wet climates.

It is important to keep in mind that not all wood fence types are made from the same material. There are so many wood grades to choose from including cedar, pine, cypress, oak, mahogany, spruce, etc. Whatever the type of wood you choose, it will need to be maintained to maintain its appearance. This typically includes regular cleaning and sealing in addition to occasional staining and painting. When well-maintained, a wood fence can last the lifetime of a home. Therefore, it is an material investment homeowners should seriously consider making.