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Three Ways to Stop Your Husky from Getting through the Fence

The Siberian Husky is a stunning dog, but they are the Harry Houdini of escape artists when left to their own devices. As the new owner of this dog breed, it is important you take a very close look at your back garden fence before you leave your pet out there for an extended period. There are three main trouble areas you must look for when doing a fence inspection.

Fence Gaps

It does not matter how fat your husky looks—if there is a gap in the fence, they are going to find a way to push through it. If successful, you could end up with damaged boards that need repairing as well as a missing dog. Fence gaps can be tackled in one of two ways. Firstly, have a fencing contractor add additional fence boards, so there is no longer any gap between them. Alternatively, attach chicken wire to the inside of the fence so your pet cannot push themselves through the existing gap.

Outside World Attraction

If your husky can see too much of the outside world through your fence, their natural curiosity will encourage them to try and break for freedom. Because of this, it is time to consider adding a privacy fence to your back garden. This does not mean that you have to rip down your existing fence and replace it. You could plant thick bushes and shrubs along the fence line which will grow to block out the view. You could also purchase privacy fence panels from your local hardware store and attach them to the inside of your existing fence. The aim is to remove visual temptations from your dog.


Keeping your dog from getting through the fence is one issue, and stopping them getting under the fence is the next problem. Huskies will dig under fence lines to try and burrow their way out to freedom.

If you have a gap between the bottom of your fence and the ground, this must be addressed. Chicken wire that is bent into the shape of an L is one way to stop your dog burrowing. Staple the chicken wire to the bottom of your fence with the base of the L sitting on the ground. Lay bricks along the base of the L to keep it securely in place.

Recognising that your husky is an escape artist means you can look for potential weak links in your fencing and have them repaired or replaced before your new family fur baby finds them. Doing so will allow you to enjoy time outside with your pet without worrying that they are going to escape.