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4 Benefits of Installing Brushwood Fencing

If you are considering installing a new fence around your garden or pool to increase your privacy and security, using brushwood may be the ideal solution. A brushwood fence is made from natural materials that make it a cost effective and environmental solution. Below is a guide to 4 benefits of using brushwood fencing in your yard or garden.

It has a natural look

Brushwood fencing provides a natural look for your garden. Brushwood fencing is handmade using small branches, twigs and undergrowth. As well as looking great, this also reduces the number of trees that need to be logged, which helps to protect the environment. Once the fencing is installed, it will create a great backdrop for other plants and trees.

It is versatile

Fencing can provide many different purposes. While some fencing such as steel bars provides excellent security, it will make a poor windbreak. Brushwood fencing is highly versatile. It provides privacy for you and your family, blocks out any unwanted noise and provides shelter from the wind. Because brush fencing is handmade, it can be built to fit perfectly to the contours of your garden or yard.

It is low-maintenance

If you have a traditional timber fence installed, you will have to carry out regular maintenance to ensure it is sealed against the elements. If you do not seal the fence, water can enter the wood, causing it to swell or decay. Because brushwood fencing is made using branches and twigs from trees, you do not need to seal it against the elements, as any water will naturally dry once the rain stops.

It protects the soil from erosion

Traditional fencing solutions typically require a built-in drain to deal with excess water. However, a brushwood fence does not. In fact, a brushwood fence will help to protect the soil in your garden from erosion caused by heavy and sustained rainfall. As the rain strikes the brushwood fence, it is filtered through the twigs and branches which make up the fence. This filtering slows the water coming through and helps to prevent it from washing away the soil in your garden.

If you would like more information about the benefits of brushwood fencing, contact a professional fencing contractor today. They will be able to assess your needs before providing an estimate of the cost and carrying out any necessary work to install a fence in your garden.