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Designs You Could Use For Your Pool Fencing

One of the more popular fencing materials with homeowners is wrought iron. However, simply installing wrought iron fencing around the perimeter of your pool area is not making the most of what this type of fencing can provide for the kerb appeal of your residence. There is an assortment of design options that you could consider that will give your premises character as well as visual appeal. The following are some of the design options that you could choose for your wrought iron pool fencing.

Regal wrought iron fencing design

This type of design is suitable for homeowners who would like their pool area to ooze elegance and sophistication. It is also an ideal choice for homeowners who would prefer a classic look to their wrought iron fencing. With regal wrought iron fencing design, finials are installed on top of spires to enhance the formidable design of the fencing. You can then opt to include ornamental patterns between the spires for a touch of individuality to your fencing.

Another aspect of the regal design is the top part of the fencing will have an arch rather than it being flat. This functions to accentuate the railings of the wrought iron fencing. The number of curves that will be incorporated into this arch will vary depending on the arch's width as well as the railings' length. If you would like to highlight the arches on your wrought iron fencing, you could opt to have your fencing contractors incorporate duplicate horizontal posts that match the railings right beneath the arches.

Decorative wrought iron fencing designs

If you would prefer to experiment with creativity, then decorative designs would be more suited to your wrought iron pool fencing. Since wrought iron is quite sturdy and not as malleable as other materials such as aluminium, these decorative elements are incorporated during the manufacturing stage of the wrought iron fence. As such, you would have to purchase decorative wrought iron fencing ready-made rather than have your fencing contractors customise it for you.

One popular design you could opt for is spires that have been twisted, thus giving the wrought iron fencing a unique appearance. On the other hand, you could opt for wrought iron fencing that has S-shaped spires arranged between the straight spires for a creative design. The horizontal sections of your wrought iron fence can also incorporate symmetrical shapes such as semicircles or diamond shapes to give the fencing a unique appearance.