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Why You Should Consider Vinyl Picket Fencing

Thinking about installing a picket fence around your property? Wood is the traditional choice of construction material for picket fencing. But thanks to the continued acceptance of vinyl as a construction material for fencing, property owners can have their picket fences constructed with vinyl as well. If you are unaware of the numerous benefits you stand to gain by opting for vinyl picket fencing, here are a few notable ones you should learn about. 

More economical

The upfront cost of picket fencing with vinyl is generally a bit higher as compared to fencing with wood. But if you compare the total cost of installation and maintenance for the two materials, you may discover that vinyl fencing is actually cheaper over the long term. This is because you will save big money by not replacing rotten, warped or splintered wood pickets over the useful life of your vinyl fencing. What is more, the material composition of vinyl fencing will make it outlast a wood fence when both are exposed to the same environment and conditions. Also, with vinyl, there's no need for you to spend money on repainting and staining the fencing.

Easier to maintain

To keep the wood fence looking nice, you will need to have it repainted from time to time. Doing the repainting job will also help offer protection against moisture damage such as wood rot and fungal attack. With a vinyl fence, you can say goodbye to all that maintenance hassle. The plastic material from which vinyl is made is glossy and non-porous to allow water to simply drip off your fencing. Hence, you do not need to worry about problems that could arise due to water seepage. To clean a vinyl fence, you only need to hose it down with water from a high-pressure washer.

More aesthetic possibilities                                                   

Wood picket fencing is a favourite for many people partly because it is one of the oldest fencing products on the market. If you passionately love the rustic look of wood, vinyl won't take that away from you. While it comes in different colour selections such as white, beige, tan and dark grey, vinyl picket fences can also emulate the look of the traditional wood material you love so much. They can come with wood-grain profiles or natural wood colours to look just like your favourite wood type.

When you are ready to install a vinyl picket fence, get in touch with a fence contractor near you.