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Key Considerations When Choosing A Fence Type

Almost all new property owners know that they will need to install a fence on their property. But so many of them don't know the criteria they should use so they can select the best fencing. Here is a useful guide to help this group of individuals decide on the right fencing product for their particular project.

Intended function of the fencing

The number-one thing you should take into consideration when you are choosing a fencing product is its intended use. Is the fence primarily meant to ensure maximum security, restrain farm animals, provide privacy or fulfil some other objective? Whatever the case, the main reason why you are installing a fence should guide your choice of construction material. For maximum security, you should consider high-security palisade fencing, welded mesh panel fencing, electric fencing systems, etc. If you want to make your yard more private, consider building your fence with solid wood or metal panels. If you are simply looking for a way to restrain horses in your rural ranch, a wood plank fencing would get the job done.

Expected lifespan of the fencing

For how long will you need a fence to serve you? Do you need a fence type that will only last for a short period or one that will last a lifetime? If you are looking for something temporary, it would be prudent to go for cheaper options such as PVC fencing. This is because it would not make good financial sense to spend lots of dollars on a fence you intend to take down after a while. But if you want a fence that will remain steadfast for years and years ahead, opting for high-end products like stainless steel fencing may actually prove to be cost-effective over the long term.

Maintenance requirements

Like many other features in residential and commercial properties, fencing too requires maintenance attention. But maintenance requirements differ by fence type; some are low-maintenance products, others are high-maintenance products. If you require a low-maintenance fence, consider erecting a stainless steel fence or a vinyl fence, for example. While a stainless steel fence will only require a refinishing job after a couple of years use to remain in tiptop shape, a vinyl fence won't fade throughout its life. It will just need to be regularly hosed down with a pressure washer to look clean and radiant. Be sure to choose a fence you can easily and conveniently care for.

Talk with fencing contractors in your area if you have more questions about your fencing needs.